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What is Compass Rapid Response?
Compass Rapid Response is a leading provider of In-Store Service Programs. Our team of more than 17,000 Professionals is trained to set up displays and service the front-end in retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Compass Rapid Response is focused on Growing Your Sales by providing the best Coverage and Frequency in the industry.

Compass Rapid Response In-Store Executions

  • Compliant & Scheduled
  • Promotion Execution
  • Auditing, Reporting, and Action
  • Display Distribution, Installation

Our team has seen the current state of In-Store Services, and we want to improve the state of services to benefit Brands and Retailers.

Why Compass Rapid Response?

  • Coverage
    • We operate in almost every class of trade—from grocery and mass to travel and airports, and everything in between
  • Frequency
    • We service retailers every week
  • Observable Success
    • We have the best execution rate in the industry
  • Measurable
    • We self-audit using powerful technology
    • We share our metrics with our partners
  • Repeatable
    • We’ll be back every week to maintain your executions


  • 17,000+ Trained, Certified, and Experienced Team Members
  • Account Manager for Every Retailer
  • Team Members are in stores every week
  • Team Members can be deployed anywhere in the United States and Canada
    • Including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Guam
  • 24 / 7 coverage, 365 days a year

Our Team

  • Our team consists of skilled professionals with hundreds of years of combined experience at all levels of In-Store Retail Services
  • We’re experts in Front-End Categories, including:
    • General Merchandise
    • Health, Beauty and Wellness
    • Candy and Snacks
    • Grocery
    • Books and Magazines
    • Media

For more information, please contact Dayna Bernard at

Hardware construction and maintenance

Design and installation of innovative MessageWrap checkstand advertising

Inventory and reordering

Merchandising design and installation

Planogram compliance assurance


Machine and electrical maintenance

Endcap design and installation

Merchandising kiosk design and installation

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